Meet The Farm

Meet Ariel, a Sweet Nigerian dwarf goat who loves to be milked. She stands at the gate each evening waiting for for the gate to be opened so she can run to the milking stand. These are her two newest babies.

Meet Sister. She is an Alpine goat and the minute I met her, it was love at first site for both of us. She is a bottle baby and acts more like a faithful puppy then a goat.

Meet Rue, our newest addition to the herd. She is very sweet but a difficult milker. There is always a lot of bargains being made, mostly on my part during milking time. She is currently in milk and a lot of the new soap is made from her milk

Meet the newest chicks. They are a mixture of silkies, show girls, and frizzles! They are super lucky and have two moms that are very protective!

And finally our Puppy Rigby who is most diffidently in the holiday spirit!